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What is GONSTEAD? Who needs Chiropractic?

Do I even need Chiropractic?

What is Gonstead? 🤔

If you have a spine, Gonstead Chiropractic can definitely be for you! Age, weight, or height does not matter. Anyone can benefit from Gonstead Chiropractic Care. Daily stress, physical, emotional, and even mental can heavily impact your body. At Gohl Clinic, we see patients who have never experienced Chiropractic. We also see patients who have been to a chiropractor all their life, 50+ years. Both types of patients can experience phenomenal changes with the Gonstead Technique.

We only practice exclusively Gonstead 🥇.
It is a precise and gentle technique used to adjust the spine. Thorough physical exams and analysis are always performed prior to the adjustment. There is no twisting or rotation and every adjustment is specific and precise for each individual patient . Full spine X-Rays are used to confirm the exact area (s) that needs to be corrected.

That’s it!

All bodies are designed uniquely, therefore specific application is needed.

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Contact your local Gonstead Chiropractor at 760-729-8802 if you are someone who suffers from any of these conditions.

For more information about your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor in Carlsbad and this case, including pre/post x-rays, and patient symptom questionaires, please visit: https://gohlclinic.com/case-studies/

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Students: Please email us at seminars@gohlclinic.com for more information on our technique and our seminar schedule. 

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For more information on Gonstead system: http://www.gonstead.com/ 

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