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Constipation Symptoms Resolved With Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego

The Carlsbad chiropractor demonstrates gentle L5 adjustment on pelvic bench with Gonstead chiropractic in San Diego. Adjustment removes interference to the nervous system allowing fullest expression of life.

A subluxation is a condition where a spinal bone shifts out of position and interferes with the integrity of the nervous system.  Since the nervous system controls all function, a subluxation has a negative effect on the entire body and brain.

Recently we’ve had a few cases of patients diagnosed by their primary care physician with ulcerative colitis.  Two of them had subluxation at the sacrum.  Once this was corrected and the nerve supply restored to the colon, they no longer displayed symptoms of ulcerative colitis.  This is an example sacrum adjustment.  NOTE:  The patient shown is for demonstration purposes and is not one of the patients mentioned above.

This is a Gonstead chiropractic adjustment used to reduce nerve interference to the body and brain, allowing normal function to take place.  Are you experiencing these symptoms and have found no relief?  Maybe you have subluxation.  Call your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor in Carlsbad today at 760-729-8802.


When correcting the sacrum, it’s necessary lock the pelvis enough to take out the slack at the sacrum.  When the sacrum is pushed in the proper direction, you can hear a few audibles.  Once the slack is out and the pelvis locked, you can set the sacrum P to A with very little effort and speed.  This is very comfortable for the patient, and much easier on the doctor.  When you don’t take out the slack enough, the natural tendency is to thrust thru with more force or more speed.  Neither is necessarily comfortable and puts more trauma into the spine.

Dr. Gohl refined Gonstead’s work into something simple and quantifiable.  If you’d like to learn Dr. Gohl’s application of Gonstead’s principles, we’ll be hosting a seminar Friday evening May 31, and Saturday, June 1 in Carlsbad, CA.  Please contact Joshua Burnham of Northwestern Chiropractic School if you’re interested in attending.

Everything I ever learned about adjusting is from my mentor Dr. Gohl.  You can find his products at www.gohlchiropractic.com.  The site is run by his daughter who put together all his material in a teachable fashion.  His work represents the definitive work on chiropractic and it’s essential for everyone to know, especially those interested in the Gonstead system.

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