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Two Great Options to Avoid Obamacare Penalty


If you only use a doctor for emergency care like my family, these are two great options to avoid fines and still meet the requirements.

Short-term Health Insurance – Very affordable and generally last only for six months but avoid penalties.  This is the site my brother bought from, eHealth.

Medi-Share Plans – Similar to traditional health insurance.  Instead of deductible, you have your “household share portion.”  Instead of premium, you have a “monthly share portion.”  This is my favorite option.  For our family of 3, we pay $167 a month for a $10,000 share portion.  So we share each other’s bills.

We use Christian Care Ministry, but there are many others.  This is also a great option even if you have access to group health insurance.  Generally it is far cheaper for the same coverage.   Plus you help others directly.  I believe most of these companies administering the sharing are not for profit (though I’m not sure).

Health insurance in America is not there to keep you healthy.  It should be there to save your life in an emergency.  If you use it for this, America has the best emergency care in the world.  If you use it to keep you “healthy,” you’ll take drugs and get cut up until it could kill you (and spend your last fortune doing it).

Save your money.  Do a high deductible plan or a high portion plan for emergencies only.  Use the excess amount from the low deductible plan and invest that money into health, like organic foods, marriage counselors, personal trainers, and your chiropractor.