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“The only chiropractor who alleviated my anxiety.” Patient reports substantial change in mental and emotional state with Gonstead Chiropractic care.

“My spirit is lifted and my stress lowered” – Jenny Z.

Besides helping patients with low back pain, many patients also report reduction of stress and better cognitive brain function under chiropractic care. During Jenny’s initial evaluation, we found limited mobility, numbness throughout the upper and lower extremities. However, the biggest reason she sought care was because of her high levels of stress. In only approximately 5 weeks, Jenny reported her depression, anxiety, and fatigue improve from 10 percent to almost 100 percent better!

When there is nerve interference in the neck from subluxation, it may prevent optimal nerve supply to the brain (which is responsible for focus, emotions, mood, and stress levels. Additionally, subluxation in the lumbars or sacurm may affect the production of serotonin, the mood hormone. Gonstead Chiropractic provides a specific scientific and gentle adjustment to remove the nerve interference and correct the area of misalignment. Gentle adjustments allows the body to function more normally, without symptoms. When the Gonstead chiropractor performs adjustments correctly, you only need very little “force” to correct the spinal misalignment. This is what makes the Gonstead system special and effective.

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