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Normal Alignment


Chiropractors analyze and correct spinal subluxations.

Subluxation is a condition when the spinal bones, instead of protecting the delicate nerves, interfere with the nerves.  This causes damage to the end organ attached to them.

There are four characteristics of a subluxation.

1) Misalignment – bone twist out of normal position

2) Occlusion – when the hole the nerve passes thru gets smaller

3) Pressure – smaller hole causes increased pressure on the nerves


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4) Interference – pinched nerves restricts nerve impulses to organs

Since subluxations interfere with the master control center of the body, they may cause any condition in the body. Often times subluxations produce pain, but this is at the end state of disease, not the beginning.

When an organ gets a restricted nerve impulse, over time the cells malfunction at that organ. If enough cells malfunction, then you have a symptom. If symptoms persist long enough, then you have a pathology which is now a medical condition.

If your primary condition is a subluxation, chiropractic can help any secondary condition from asthma to irregular menses to colic to back pain. Once the subluxation is corrected, normal function can begin. Call and schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor in Carlsbad to see if you qualify for care.

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