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Gonstead Adjustments At Gohl Clinic In Carlsbad

Gonstead Adjustments At Gohl Clinic In Carlsbad

disc problemsSpecific Gonstead Adjustments

Subluxations and nerve impingement can be anywhere in the spine, Gonstead chiropractors are trained to adjust the entire spine with specificity and precision.

All adjusting in the clinic is based on Gonstead chiropractic principles as practiced by Dr. Richard A. Gohl.

Since every Gonstead chiropractic adjustment has the purpose of disc correction and any twisting of the spine will damage discs, there is no rotational or twisting adjustments of the spine.  Also, the contact point must be specific; so that only one bone moves during each adjustment.  Moving multiple bones with the same thrust is a manipulation move that is always avoided with Gonstead chiropractic.

In the neck region, Gonstead chiropractic adjustments are done seated in a chair.  This is the way to deliver an adjustment in the proper direction.  This cannot be done lying down. The tendency to twist the spine is far greater lying down.  In the low back, there must also not be any twisting of the pelvis on the adjustment.

By delivering a specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustment, symptoms and your overall body can heal quickly and spinal structure can improve at a very rapid pace.

Call and schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor in Carlsbad to see if you qualify for care.