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Severe pain significantly reduced with Only TWO Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustments

The body is self-regulating.

We all understand a good functioning car needs updates , adjustments, and maintenance regularly. If we choose to ignore the check engine light, we know there will be unavoidable consequences. The human body is also mechanical and needs proper alignment for optimal function and performance. Between work, family, and other life events, the body undergoes tremendous stress. All kinds of stress impact the body (physical, emotional, and mental). Physical stress can cause the spine to be out of alignment. The proper and effective way to correct spinal misalignment is with a specific Gonstead Chiropractic adjustment.


Pain is an indication that something is wrong and for our bodies to start healing itself. The body goes through cellular processes to stay at homeostasis. For instance, the body will create inflammation throughout the tissue around the spine when there is an injury. The body does this to protect the spine. Although this is the natural intelligence of the body, this is also not healthy in the long run if not corrected.

This patient reported better sleep and almost zero back pain within the first week after treatment. We are always excited to see the pre and post X-ray comparisons for objective changes. Symptoms usually go away quickly but structural spinal changes will typically take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the patient’s condition from day one. However, patients report feeling much better before then.
“Alleviate the pinched subluxation nerve and the body can heal from anything”.

Gonstead Chiropractic is a very specific and precise technique and the only system to use and analyze full spine X-rays (reviewing and analyzing the spine in its entirety before treatment begins). We need to be able to see the entire view of the patient’s spine to determine the best course of action for that patient. Each patient’s spine is unique and we must treat it uniquely. With the Gonstead system, we meticulously and precisely find areas of disc degeneration, arthritis, vertebral compression fractures, curvature convexity, and many more. “To see is to know”.- C.S. Gonstead

Every action has consequences, why wait?

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