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Scoliosis Reduction Case with Before After Xrays [Gonstead Chiropractic]

This is a very significant change because of the age of the patient and the amount of degeneration.  However, once the subluxation is corrected, the body can start to normalize its structure.  No stretching, exercises, or traction was used.

70 years young female with complaints of severe low back pain and sciatica for 20 years preventing her from hiking Calavera Hills Nature Preserve.  She has lived right next to the preserve for 25 years.

Pre- and post-xrays are below.  Before the post xrays were taken 12 visits later, she was hiking CHNP for the first time in 20 years.  Patient also reported her visceral symptoms also decreased under care.  Ultimately, she got her life back for her senior years.

Note: Generally in scoliosis cases, there is usually a much greater chance of any correction when the patient is younger, before significant degenerative changes set in.Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad. For Educational Purposes Only
No exercises, stretching, or traction was used on patient. Only specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments were performed by the San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad. We also offer specialized seminars for students and practitioners: seminars@gohlclinic.com

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Pre:  T9 right lateral border is 50mm to the right of the plumb line.  Dens (C2) is 23mm to the right of the plumb line.

Post:  T9 now 36mm to right of plumb line representing 28% reduction.  Dens is almost directly over S2, almost complete reduction.

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More balanced along plumb line.  Ideally, the plumb line at the base of L5 should touch C7 and C2 with a normal anterior curve.

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Pre:  2mm disc space and 17 degree wedge at L5

Post:  4mm disc space and 10 degree wedge at L5.  100% change.

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