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RIP Reggie Gold

 RIP Reggie Gold – The Great Chiropractic Communicator

reggie gold
Reggie & Me – Oct. 2008 – Atlanta, GA

I remember back in 6th quarter in 2004 (out of 14), I had my first experience with Dr. Reginald R. Gold, DC, PhC, better known as just plain ole ‘Reggie.’  He talked about chiropractic like I had never heard.  I, like most of you reading this, thought that chiropractic was for bad backs, headaches, and stiff necks.  But Reggie said that was just 2% of chiropractic.  So what was the other 98%?  Potential.  The potential for your body physically to be its best, not just sickness and disease!

Reggie said, “Tie a piece of string around the aorta.  I’m going to suggest that the heart will function better if you take off the string.”  That made perfect sense. “Now tie a piece of string around the nerve going to the heart.  I’m going to suggest the heart will function better if you take off the string.”  This is a subluxation, the only reason for chiropractic’s existence.  Hence the idea of non-symptomatic chiropractic was born in my mind.  More than that, it made more sense that chiropractic for back pain.

It’s a damn shame that people should have to be sick, suffering, and in pain before they hear about chiropractic.  By that time, it could be too late.  Instead of listening to me talk about chiropractic, why not listen to Reggie first hand.  Some may think he’s a bit abrasive, but his points are valid.  Enjoy this.  RIP Reggie.  Love ya.



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