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Pre&Post Xray Corrected Anterior Pelvic Tilt [Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego]

35 year old female presents to office with acute sciatica after auto accident. Previous history of sciatica since 2003 following IED explosion.  History of PCOS.  Xrays are taken 12 visits apart.  Patient feeling “significant improvement.”

Before and After Comparison

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When the pelvis moves anteriorly (AS in the Gonstead listing system), the obturators (ovals at the bottom of the pelvis) become very narrow and the ilium on that side gets shorter.  The Crossfit community would call this “anterior pelvic tilt.”  When the pelvis moves posteriorly (PI in the Gonstead listing system), the obutrators get larger and the ilium on that side gets longer.

In the pre-, the left ilium is 212 mm and the right is 215mm.  On the post they both increased in length, 216 and 220mm, respectively.  This would indicate that the pelvis has rotated more posteriorly on both sides.

The subluxation at the 5th lumbar was associated with this issue.  When we took the post xray, the posteriority was reduced from 4mm to 2mm.  The wedge was reduced, from 28 degrees, to 23 degrees.  Even the IVF (hole where the nerve comes out), looks more visible in the post.  See below.

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This is a chronic case and it took years for the damage to the 5th lumbar to occur.  A subluxation over time can be associated with damage to organs.  When there is a restricted impulse to the sex organs over time, cells can malfuction there.  The cells may not produce the proper amount of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  This could explain why she had PCOS. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

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