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Patient Reports Digestive Issues, Sinus Infections, Anxiety, and Pain Gone with Gonstead Chiropractic Care

Patient first came into our clinic reporting digestive issues, back pain, poor lung capacity, numbing down her hands, sinus issues, and high levels of anxiety.

Within four visits, her main complaints of anxiety and back pain improved by 60 percent. After 6 weeks, her anxiety and low back pain improved by 100 percent. Our clinic performed a Gonstead full spine analysis with X-rays, static/ motion palpation, and delta- t scope to properly examine and adjust her main vertebral subluxations.

Because the patient followed recommendations and was consistent with her treatments, we took a post X Ray to show before and after comparisons of her spine.

Her new x-ray findings were astounding. It showed huge improvements in disc space, neck curvature, lumbar curvature, and better overall structural vertebral of her spine. When L5 subluxation restricts proper nerve supply, one may suffer with muscular skeletal pain and/or malfunction of organs causing symptoms of indigestion, sinus pressure, etc. The patient mainly came in for low back pain but that same nerve also innervates the stomach and the digestive system (which could lead to constipation or diarrhea).

In the Cervical Spine (“neck area”), a C7 subluxation can restrict the proper nerve supply to the neck muscles but may also affect one’s sinuses, eyesight, hearing, sleep, and more! The patient had neck pain but that same nerve also innervates to the ears and brain. So this patient also reported ringing of the ears and anxiety when she first came in. Using the Gonstead system, we were to remove the nerve interference with a specific Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustment and restore the proper nerve supply to the body, muscles, tissues, and organs!

In just over one month, the patient reported ALL her symptoms were improved by 80 percent.

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