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Wheelchair Athlete Walking Again After Freak Accident [Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego]


How is it possible that a paralyzed athlete walk again?  Interference to the nervous system is associated with a malfunctioning body.  This was the case of Monique van der Vorst, Paralympian, double silver medalist in Beijing. Read article here.

At 14, her body began to malfunction.  She was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, lost the use of her legs, and was confined to a wheel chair.  Over the next ten years, she became a world champion in wheelchair racing and handcycling, taking two silver medals in Beijing in 2008.

Then in 2010, after a collision with a Paralympic cyclist, she began to feel tingling in her legs while in the hospital.  Tingling means those “paralyzed” nerves were starting to work.  In July 2011, at age 25, she walked for the first time in 11 years! She continued to train as a cyclist and landed a contract with a major cycling team. Of course she was no longer allowed to compete as a Paralympian.

Medicine may look at this and feel this is a miracle.  Chiropractic sees her body responding to natural laws.  The body has the ability to recover from any condition including muscular dystrophy.

The brainstem controls every function of the body, including paralysis of muscles.  The spine is designed to protect spinal nerves.  Sometimes the bones of the spine interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses due to physical stress.  Instead of protecting the spinal nerves, the vertebrae start to interfere with those nerves.  This is called a vertebral subluxation.

In her case, a freak accident somehow relieved the pressure on the nerves causing paralysis, and she was able to walk and cycle again.

Chiropractic works with this law of life.  Chiropractors use instrumentation, palpation, and xrays to determine where this interference is.  Chiropractic uses a specific, scientifically directed force into the spine.   The crash just happened to hit her spine at the right place, the right time, and the right direction to release the pressure on the nerves.  Now she’s up, walking, and cycling.

Instead of waiting for a miraculous accident that most likely will never happen, consider visiting a chiropractor to get your spine assessed.

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