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Most Common LEG DAY Injuries

The 2 biggest Injury producing exercises!

Hi Dr. Kametz here , I want to address the biggest injury producing exercises in the gym. Trainers are concerned about muscle growth, my biggest concern is what is going on with the discs when you are doing your exercises . SO if you had to guess what are the 2 biggest injury producing exercises in the gym, what would you say? #1. the. dead lift . # 2 ..the squat! The consequences of doing those injury producing exercises may be something more than you want to pay.

To get big muscles and get really super strong is the SINGLE LEG SQUAT. Single leg squats are by far the best  exercise you can do in the gym.  Let me explain why it is not damaging compared to something like a deadlift or a squat. When you doing a squat or a dead lift, it requires you to get very low. When you start getting that butt weight , you can kind of see that butt weight going there. Your spine is in WAY too MUCH in flection. Another common injury that people do with the deadlift is when they get down for the lift. You’ll note that they are too weak to hold the weight that they have; so what they’ll do is slouch. That curls the back!

Those are the two biggest injury producing exercises, even if you don’t end up severe. You are still damaging the discs tremendously.

So why is the single leg squat so much better? Let me explain. When you do a single leg squat, one leg is in flection and the other is in extension. So it doesn’t put the stress on the discs that a squat or deadlift would do.

Make sure to maintain your Gonstead chiropractic adjustments because no matter how good your form is , when you are pushing hard, eventually you will get injured; So before you get injured, make sure you are maintaining your spine and discs with Gonstead Chiropractic!

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