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MARINE reports significant performance improvement after GONSTEAD CHIROPRACTIC CARLSBAD

As a solider, the body can experience tremendous physical impacts during training and combat. Over time, compression of the nerves can lead to inflammation and eventually result in tremendous pain.

Gonstead adjustments are specific and always GENTLE. There is never any twisting or rotation of the spine. The purpose of an adjustment is to simply correct the misalignment and leave it alone to heal.  With the precision and specificity of every Gonstead adjustment, there is no need to apply as much force as non-Gonstead approaches that involve twisting or rotation of the spine. This is what makes Gonstead Chiropractic so unique and effective. Every patient receives care that is specific to the needs of their OWN body.

During your first visit, a complete and thorough spinal exam and analysis is performed using specific Gonstead Instrumentation. And full spine x-rays are taken to clearly see the presentation of a patient’s entire spine from their skull to their pelvis.

When pain begins to slow you down and affect your productivity, it’s time to do something about it!

Contact your local Gonstead Chiropractor at 760-729-8802 if you are someone who suffers from any of these conditions.

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