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Patient Reports Knee Surgery Avoided After Gonstead Chiropractic in San Diego

Patient, 35 year old male, presents to Carlsbad chiropractor with complaints of shoulder pain after a work injury as a welder. After chiropractic analysis it was confirmed his primary condition was subluxation.  At the same vertebral/nerve level, he was questioned about other symptoms that are commonly seen with that subluxation.  He admitted to tremendous knee pain, so bad that some days he “could not walk.”  He is roughly six feet tall, 170 pounds.  Other symptoms unveiled in the chiropractic analysis were left groin pain which he thought was due to a hernia, heart palpitations a couple of times a month, numbing in the right forearm daily, and sinus issues.

In the below AP xray, there is tremendous rotation in the sacrum and ilium.  This is very easy to view just looking at the obturators. Sacral rotation on the right side also has had a tremendous effect on spinous rotation to the left. According to MDs this can out a tremendous amount of stress on the knees.

We began to correct the subluxation with a specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment.  Neither knees nor the shoulder was ever treated. No corrective exercise nor lifestyle changes were recommended. All xray changes occurred once the subluxation was corrected and the body began to normalize its posture.

The post xray is taken after 12 visits over six weeks.  The AP xray confirms  sacral rotation has shifted sides from the right to the left.  Obturators evened out. Leg length inequality increased 1 mm. Spinous process rotation shifted from left to a more centered location. Pelvic internal/external rotation shifted from 10 mm off center to center.  Right sacral rotation of 7 mm shifted to left sacral rotation of 5 mm. Full spine weight bearing went from of 17 mm right of center, to 2 mm right of center, a 88% change towards normal.


Close up of the pre/post pelvis.

chiropractor carlsbad

Lateral xrays show significant changes.  More time is necessary for the body to work it self out into a more normal lateral weight bearing posture.

carlsbad chiropractor

RESULTS: On the chiropractic reexam, patient noted that he had no shoulder pain.  His groin pain was only “10% of what it was,” “no heart palpitations,” “no numbing in right forearm,” “sinuses seem better” and are “kinda gone.”

Knee pain was “70% better.” He no longer feels he will need knee replacement in the next “4 to 5 years.”  All changes took place within six weeks.

When the subluxation was corrected, abnormal weight bearing and abnormal gaint was changed and the knees were able to function more normally with less stress.  Often times knee pains have nothing to do with the knees themselves, but a subluxated segment anywhere in the spine.

Correction of the subluxation allows the body to function at a higher level.  Sickness, disease, illness (physical and mental) do not happen under normal states of physiology.  Chiropractic removes subluxation thereby allowing nerve impulses to run the body without physical interference so patients experience more life.
No claims are made of chiropractic healing anything.  The body heals itself.  It’s as simple as that.

PUBMED Study:  Relation between pelvis malposition and functional knee pain by long distance running 

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No exercises, stretching, or traction was used on patient. Only specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments were performed by the San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

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