Gohl Clinic of Chiropractic

Jefferson Elementary Equipment Donation

The Gohl Clinic of Chiropractic in Carlsbad delivered a collection of medicine balls and slam balls to Jefferson Elementary School to support their Motion program last Friday.

carlsbad chiropractor
Principal Chad Lund of Jefferson Elementary School in Carlsbad

Motion is a program conceived by Principle Chad Lund.  Every student exercises for the first 20 minutes of the day.  Activities include functional exercises, fun and games, and non-stop movement.  Along with our patients, we at the Gohl Clinic of Chiropractic are happy to support them any way we can.   New equipment is constantly needed to keep children interested.  With no state funding, Motion relies on donations from private  parties and the personal check books of Jefferson’s teachers.

Besides combating obesity, Dr. John Ratey, psychiatrist and author of a book called Spark that inspired Lund to create the program, says “Exercise is medicine for the brain.”  Initial studies show that school children on a vigorous exercise program score better on standardized tests and are less prone to violence, Ratey writes.  He tells people that “going for a run is like taking a bit of Prozac – to lighten mood – and a bit of Ritalin – to heighten attention.”

Read about Motion Here.


Anything that helps build positive habits for our children is worth our support.

Thanks Mr. Lund  for your contribution to America’s youth!  To become a supporter, please contact Principal Chad Lund directly.