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Healthy Pregnancy Case with Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego After 3 Miscarriages

This is a recent case of infertility at your Carlsbad chiropractor.  To maintain a pregnancy requires a delicate balance of hormones. Too much or too little of any of them can cause a miscarriage. Subluxation cause aberrant nerve impulses to cells of organs maintaining hormone balance. Uncorrected organs may not function properly.  When the ovaries can’t make the proper amount of hormones, the woman may miscarry.

This is the case of a 31 year old female with significant pain (10/10) in all areas of the spine and significant organ and hormone dysfunction. She had a history of severe menstrual issues and three miscarriages (not two as stated in the video).

Xrays confirm subluxation in all areas of spine.  She received spinal adjustments as specified. These before and after xrays show significant change in structure.  Amazingly, she experienced these changes during significant physical, chemical, and emotional stresses.

More case studies are available simply by searching, here’s one and another.

chiropractic infertility

Before/After:  L1-2mm posterior/11mm posterior; T6-86mm posterior/67mm posterior; C2-76mm p/53mm p.

miscarriages chiropractic

Before/After:  Disc height – 3mm/5mm (higher is better);  Disc wedge – 16 degrees/10 degrees (lower is better);  Disc posteriority (indicator of herniation) – 6mm/4mm (higher is worse)

chiropractic miscarriage

Before/After:  76 mm posterior/53 mm p

chiropractor carlsbad

Significant change in rotation of atlas.  See significant rotation of head to right in pre.

Here’s a similar Case Study:  Response to Gonstead Chiropractic Care in a 27 year old Athletic Female with a 5 year history of Infertility 

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