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After trauma from shots to head and chest and falling off roof, patient reports significant relief with Gonstead Chiropractic

We thank our soldiers everyday for their relentless time, effort, and respect for serving our great country. Joe lived thru a headshot, which knocked him off a building before being shot in the chest twice. Receiving quick trauma care from corpsman and Navy med, along with his Marine mentality saved his life. But he was left broken and traumatized. Being from a family of chiropractors, he took advice on how to get back to being well, including a referral to Gonstead chiropractic expert, Dr. Joseph P. Kametz, DC of the Gohl Clinic of chiropractic. Dr. Kametz analyzed and adjusted his specific subluxations. Within 10 visits, all symptoms of sciatica, headaches daily, sinus issues, and insomnia reduced significantly.

At the Gohl Clinic of Gonstead Chiropractic, our primary focus is correcting the structure and misalignment of the spine. We take x-rays of the entire spine from the skull to the the pelvis, both front (AP) and side (lateral) view. We use specific Gonstead instrumentation to perform a spinal exam. This instrumentation is called a Delta-T, which is a temperature differential instrument. It measures heat, indicating inflammation in those specific areas. In treating patients, Dr. Gonstead looked for the “thermo-electric block” which caused the nerve pressure. This instrument scans the spine and the Gonstead chiropractor looks for the a sharp inflection point which we call the “break.” This break is the point of pressure and interference. Once a Gonstead chiropractic adjustment is given, this reading should lower, or return to zero. There is nothing like receiving a Gonstead specific adjustment from the Gohl Clinic of Chiropractic.

Gonstead Chiropractor Carlsbad, CA – Gohl Clinic of Carlsbad.

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Our services include:
Gonstead Chiropractic Analysis
Gonstead Chiropractic Full-Spine X-Ray Imaging and Analysis
Gonstead Chiropractic Specific Spinal Adjusting
Gonstead Chiropractic Extremity Adjusting
Pre/Post Full-Spine X-Ray Comparison Analysis

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