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Gonstead Chiropractic Sacroiliac Joint Adjustment with Carlsbad Chiropractor

This is a raw video from an ASIn (Anterior Superior and Internal) adjustment for a right sacroiliac joint subluxation.   It is important to note the line of drive for this adjustment is posterior to anterior, slightly superior to inferior, and externally with a slight torque.  Note different stabilization from a lumbar spine where the entire pelvis is stable.

Many people coming into the office with this type of subluxation often note groin pain, inflexibility in the hamstrings.  Any IT Band or knee related issue, unless due to a specific trauma at that joint (like a football injury), is usually due to a lower lumbar or ilium subluxation.  Also, hip joint degeneration can happen quicker with this type of misalignment and it is important to get this corrected immediately.Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

For Educational Purposes Only
No exercises, stretching, or traction was used on patient. Only specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments were performed by the San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

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