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Gonstead PIEX Ilium Pull Adjustment for Hip Pain by Carlsbad Chiropractor [Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego]

This video highlights the proper technique used for a Gonstead PIEX pull move.  A pisiform contact is used on the inferior lateral PSIS of the involved-side-down ilium.  In order to tissue slack onto the ilium, it is important to get your hand under the patient’s hip with fingertips on the ASIS and then take the slack out till you obtain the PSIS contact with the pisiform.  Stabilize the pelvis with your thigh by directing the force into and up the table.  This involves adducting your knee into the patients thigh.  It’s important not to kick stabilize when using pull moves; so that stabilization is the same as push moves. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

For Educational Purposes Only
No exercises, stretching, or traction was used on patient. Only specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments were performed by the San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

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