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Gonstead Full Spine X–Rays at Gohl Clinic

Gonstead Full Spine X–Rays at Gohl Clinic

Understand how Dr. Kametz uses full spine X-rays (spinographs) for a precise adjustment and measurable results.

The 14×36 inch spinograph is the only x-ray solely created by the Gonstead chiropractic profession. Medicine does not use them because they are considered non-diognostic films. However, they are supreme when determining the structure, the misaligned segments, how it impacts the entire spine, and where to adjust it.

Lower Radiation

Some may believe that 14×36 spinographs overexpose the patient to x-ray, but this isn’t true. When these pictures are taken, both front and side views are taken in only 3 exposures. If you want to get the same films using sectional x-rays, you’ll need to get these views: front and side lumbar/pelvis view, front and back thoracic view, front and side neck view, and one open mouth view. That is a total of 7 exposures. With a chest view and an L5 spot shot (which are all common), that would total 9 exposures- versus only the 3 in total at our clinic (of the entire continuous spine).

Other Advantages (besides less exposure)

The Gonstead chiropractic technique is based on the “foundation” principle (like for a building). The foundation must be set before the rest of the body can stabilize. If you look at an entire picture of the spine, from the pelvis to the skull, you can see how the body adapts to its structure. A neck misalignment may not be causing pain in the neck. It could very well be caused by a misaligned pelvis. This is a key advantage that really matters and is very important to a Gonstead chiropractor.

Since these full spine x-rays are taken 84 inches from the film, the picture is magnified very little and therefore is more true to size.

The idea of using full spine x-rays is that it confirms subluxation criteria and provides certainty by analyzing the entire spine as one continuous and inter-connected unit. This is why having a full image of your entire spine in an AP (frontal) and lateral view is very important in the Gonstead chiropractic system. This is the only chiropractic system that takes this approach in analysis and treatment. We do not do guess work in our office and this provides more evidence to determine the precise subluxation.

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