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Gonstead Chiropractic at Gohl Clinic

We at the Gohl Clinic of Chiropractic practice the Gonstead chiropractic system. The Gonstead chiropractic system was created after years of extensive clinical research by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead. Gonstead chiropractors are not only trained to analyze and correct subluxations, but to correct structural damage to the spine. Gonstead chiropractors adjust the bones of the spine into place, thereby relieving pressure on the nerves, and allowing the nerves to function in a non-damaged state. What makes the system unique is the precision and specificity of the detailed analysis and spinal adjustment.

For each patient, we only adjust the specific segments that need to be adjusted based on specific criteria, which includes detailed visualization, full spine XRays, advanced instrumentation,  static and motion palpation. Based on this careful analysis and criteria, every patient is treated differently during each visit. Our goal is not only to get you out of pain and symptoms but to improve the structure of your spine and stop further disc degeneration. If you are having any difficulties with some condition or just want to make sure your body is functioning up to its potential, the Gonstead chiropractic system may be able to help. Call and schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor in Carlsbad to see if you qualify for care.

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