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Relieve Back Pain with Gonstead Chiropractic in San Diego [VIDEO]

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The Carlsbad chiropractor demonstrates gentle P-R Sacrum adjustment on pelvic bench with Gonstead chiropractic in San Diego. Adjustment removes interference to the nervous system allowing fullest expression of life.

Nerves of the low back and sacrum not only innervate the sciatic nerve, but the sex organs, the rectum, colon, intestines.  When there is a spinal subluxation, which is a misalignment where the spinal bones interfere with the nerves instead of protect it, there will be an effect somewhere in the body given enough time.  Some are lucky enough to have pain so they know to address it.  But others only have organic symptoms.  This is a demonstration adjustment of a sacrum, posteriorly rotated on the right side.

Below is a early 30 year old male patient that had a subluxation in his low back affecting the nerves.  He also had a testicle cyst for 15 years that the doctor had told him to monitor to see if it grew.  In the last three months while under chiropractic care, his testicle cyst shrank to 1/5 of it’s original size according to his estimates.  When there is no nerve interference the body can operate more normally.


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Patient actual subjective symptom form:

Gonstead San Diego

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I rarely saw Dr. Gohl adjust a rotated sacrum. Majority was L5, P-Sac, or a compound ilium misalignment.  However, this is the only time it’s acceptable to push somewhat into the table.  Your L5 and P-Sac thrust should be straight thru the spine.  Gohl used to say the thrust should be into your superior knee.  But straight ahead is fine.

Once the contact is made, you must take out the slack at the segment.  Your knees are used to control the spine and ensure the slack is out.  Shifting the patient’s knee superior with your knees can ensure this.  Once you know the bone is at the end range of motion, you can stabilize the pelvis fully by laying on it.  If you do not stabilize the pelvis here, and you try and roll and drop, you don’t have the slack out, you will have to put in more force and may not ever give an adjustment if the body is able to absorb the thrust.  You must take out the slack.  For more information, please visit Dr. Gohl’s site and order his videos.  http://gohlchiropractic.com/index_files/site2/store2.html

Personally, I think this is a much easier adjustment involved side up.  I personally feel it’s easier to take out the slack ISU.  However, sometimes it may be easier to do ISD.

Everything I ever learned about adjusting is from my mentor Dr. Gohl.  You can find his products at www.gohlchiropractic.com.  The site is run by his daughter who put together all his material in a teachable fashion.  His work represents the definitive work on chiropractic and it’s essential for everyone to know, especially those interested in the Gonstead system.

For Educational Purposes Only
No exercises, stretching, or traction is used on any patient. Only specific Gonstead Carlsbad chiropractic adjustments.

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Dr. Joseph P. Kametz, DC
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