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Gonstead Chiropractic Advanced Instrumentation – Delta-T & Nervoscope

Gonstead Chiropractic Advanced Instrumentation – Delta-T & Nervoscope

The Delta-T Nervoscope

Delta-T Nervoscope

The Delta-T Nervoscope and the full spine 14 x 36 X-Rays are the most important tools used to determine the subluxation. The inter-vertebral foramina which is the hole thru which the nerves pass, will visibly get smaller in the case of misalignment on the X-Rays.  However, the only way we can determine if there is any nerve interference or pressure is with the  Delta -T or Nervoscope .

The Delta-T is a temperature differential instrument.  It measures heat, which accompanies inflammation. In treating patients, Dr. Gonstead looked for the “thermo-electric block” which caused the nerve pressure.

This instrument scans the spine and the Gonstead chiropractor looks for the a sharp inflection point which we call the “break.”  This break is the point of pressure and interference.  Once a Gonstead chiropractic adjustment is given, this reading should lower, or return to zero.  In this very rare clip, Dr. Gonstead explains that the reading should go to zero if a good adjustment occurs.

In Gonstead Chiropractic, advanced instrumentation is a powerful tool to tell where and if to adjust.  It gives immediate feedback if the nerve pressure has been reduced.  The instrument is “instrumental” in analysis and correction of subluxations.

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