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Golf Injuries

Golf Injuries

Golf InjuriesInjuries happen when the body cannot adapt to the physical stress placed upon it.  This is often the case in golf. Most often the pain and discomfort is caused by a vertebral subluxation.

The twisting of the spine (along with flexing forward) is the most damaging to the discs, which protect the nerves.  Over time, if the subluxation is not corrected, neurologic malfunction become more prevalent, the discs begin to degenerate, and the spine in an attempt to protect itself develops arthritis.

Common manipulative technique used in chiropractic involves a twisting of the pelvis.  While this may temporarily work for decreasing pain and increasing motion, the continuous twisting will further damage lumbar discs giving rise to more inflammation around the nerves.  In our office, using the Gonstead system, we use a specific technique that requires no twisting of the spine for adjustments.  This facilitates the healing process quicker and for more lasting effects.

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