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Gentle, precise, specific lumbar, cervical and thoracic adjustment

Kayla did extension research on the Gonstead Chiropractic technique. When she arrived at our clinic, she was very apprehensive on cervical adjustments. Dr. Kametz then explained that with the technique we use, there is no rotation or twisting of the neck at any time, just a gentle specific lift of the segment that is out of position. After Kayla’s first Gonstead cervical adjustment at our office, she stated it was the most gentle cervical adjustment she had ever had in her life (even with a deep set). Kayla now enjoys her daily activities with no pain.

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For Educational Purposes Only
No exercises, stretching, or traction was used on patient. Only specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments were performed by the San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

We also offer specialized seminars for students and practitioners: seminars@gohlclinic.com

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