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Have been getting adjustments for almost a year religiously and this chiropractic care is next level. It saved my life and career. Dr. K & Will are amazing and go above and beyond. Grateful for their quality care to the community.

Remy W.

Been going to Dr. Kametz for about 5 months now. I don’t even feel any more back pain or headaches anymore. I can sleep better and work better with little to no pain. I went to two other chiropractors and this is the first chiropractor that works.

John Z.

Came in with a spear in my chest through the middle back. I had this pain forever. After many friends recommended it, I came in. I should have came sooner. No more rib pain. I can breathe better even sleep better.

Jesus C.

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With Gonstead Chiropractic, you can significantly reduce:

What's Included In This Offer

In the Gonstead system, we use five criteria to determine which spinal bone(s) are responsible for your condition. Advanced Instrumentation is used in determining the exact location of your condition.

Full spine structural X-Rays are used to determine how the causative bone has misaligned and how it can be corrected. In the Gonstead chiropractic system, full spine images are important because the spine is analyzed as one continuous and inter-connected unit.

We review your findings from your exam, analysis, and X-Rays with you all on the same day!

Treatment not included in this offer but can be scheduled on the same day if requested.

Our Doctors and Patient Care Specialists provide personalized support through your journey to improved health and function.

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Incredible Results

Symptomatically, with Gonstead Chiropractic, patients recover quicker. Over time, disc health will improve thereby increasing overall function of the nervous system. That means the person can be healthier and likely rid themselves of other symptoms they may have been suffering from over the years.

"Im a former military, with years of treatment through a wide range of practitioners and zero results. Within weeks of seeing Dr. Kametz, I have great relief in my lower back, my sleeping patterns have begun to revert back to some what normal and my never ending bowel movements have almost completely returned to normalcy. Highly recommend his services before any other treatments unlike what I did and had lower back surgery first then found him."
-TJ M.

"My husband was bedridden 3mo before we found Dr Kametz We had tried everything until coming to Gohl clinic; my husband is now walking jumping working construction without meds or surgery and can play with our kids! This is a miracle thank you Dr!!!"
-M P.