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Former NFL lineman reports being able to walk again after Gonstead Chiropractic

6’6” professional trainer reports being able to walk again after Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego

Jarret came into our office as a referral from another patient who had also experienced the agonizing and infamous sciatic pain and got exceptional results from the Gonstead technique.

Sciatic pain can range anywhere from mild to severe. The pain can run down the hip into the hamstrings, calf, and/or heels . For most, it is on one side of the leg. But some people can experience it in both sides.


What makes Gonstead Chiropractic different, besides the FULL SPINE X-RAYS, is the use of the Delta-T or Nervoscope. The Delta-T is a temperature differential instrument.  It measures heat, which indicates inflammation. In treating patients, Dr. Gonstead looked for the “thermo-electric block” which caused the nerve pressure.

This instrument scans the spine and Dr. Kametz looks for the sharp inflection point which we call the “break.”  This break is the point of pressure and nerve interference (the needle moves left or right).  After a Gonstead chiropractic adjustment, this reading should significantly lower, or return to zero in all specific areas.

In Gonstead Chiropractic, advanced instrumentation is a powerful tool to tell where and if to adjust each patient.  The technique provides immediate feedback if the nerve pressure has been reduced (and the patient often times will immediately feel the relief).

In Jarret’s case, after the Nervoscope did not “clear”  or return to zero, that reading tells Dr. Kametz to change the segment of where to adjust. Once this is done,  it is important to re- check and confirm the correction. It is

By delivering a specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustment, symptoms and your overall body can heal quickly and spinal structure can improve at a very rapid pace.

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