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Gonstead Chiropractic at Gohl Clinic

Gonstead Chiropractic at Gohl Clinic

Chiropractors detect and correct subluxations.  If your condition, whether pain or some visceral condition like asthma, is caused by a subluxation, a Gonstead chiropractor can help.  Gonstead chiropractors correct the cause of the symptoms, not merely covering the symptoms. While there are over 200 techniques to do this, some have a greater degree of measurable attributes. The Gonstead chiropractic system as taught by Dr. Gohl is the most structurally and biomechanically specific that produces measurable results.


The spinal cord is an extension of the brain.  Nerves flow down the spine and out through little holes called the intervertebral foramen (IVF).  The IVF is formed from the bone above and bone below.  These nerves go to each and every muscle, organ, gland, etc. the body.  Since the nerves pass thru the IVF, it is essential that hole remains as large as possible.  Anything that makes that hole smaller will interfere with nerves. Two things that determine IVF size are proper alignment of the vertebrae and secondly the height of the disc.

Proper Alignment
Proper Alignment

Proper Alignment

The bone above is prevented from moving forward by a joint of the bone below.  However, muscles and ligaments protect the bones from moving backward.  Under enough or repeated stress, the muscles and ligaments can break down.  This makes the IVF smaller.

Disc Involvement

The disc is very strong in a non-degenerated state.  However, repeated twisting and bending create and weaken it.  This is why with the Gonstead chiropractic technique, we do not twist or rotate during adjustments. Swelling created here tends to affect nerves. If the disc is not properly aligned, it will degenerate and make the IVF smaller.

Gonstead Chiropractic System -The Analysis

Dr Kametz Analysis

In the Gonstead system, we use five criteria to determine which spinal bone(s) are responsible for your condition.  Advanced Instrumentation is used in determining the exact location of your condition.

Full spine structural X-Rays are used to determine how the causative bone has misaligned and how it can be corrected. In the Gonstead chiropractic system, full spine images are important because the spine is analyzed as one continuous and inter-connected unit. Other systems may only take an X-Ray of the area(s) that the patient is experiencing pain or symptoms. However, those areas may not be the main contributing causes to your symptoms. Sometimes, they are only compensatory. This is why having a full image of your entire spine in an AP (frontal) and lateral view is very important in the Gonstead chiropractic system. This is the only chiropractic system that takes this approach in analysis and treatment.

The Result

Symptomatically, clients recover quicker. Before and after X-rays always show change, some more significant than others. Over time, disc health will improve thereby increasing overall function of the nervous system. That means the person can be healthier and likely rid themselves of other symptoms they may have been suffering from over the years.

The system as taught and practiced by Dr. Gohl and Dr. Gonstead is logical, safe, and the most effective chiropractic system developed. Dr. Gohl had more than 50,000 before and after x-rays proving its effectiveness over 60 years of practice.

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