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ER Nurse gets a Gonstead Adjustment

Gonstead chiropractors work on correcting the cause of symptoms and can provide corrective chiropractic care for structural spinal damage. The Gonstead chiropractic system as taught by Dr. Gohl is the most structurally and bio-mechanically specific.

Emergency room nurse came into the office with immense sciatica pain and low back pain. During her initial symptom analysis, she also reported headaches and symptoms of brain fog . Remember, every spinal nerve connects and sends out nerve “messages” to all the organs and muscles in the body. If there is a nerve impingement, the body may not preform at its full potential.

The idea of using full spine x-rays is that it confirms subluxation criteria and provides certainty by analyzing the entire spine as one continuous and inter-connected unit. The 14×36 inch spinograph is the only x-ray solely created by the Gonstead chiropractic profession. Medicine does not use full spine x-rays because they are considered non-diagnostic films. However, they are supreme when determining the complete structure of the spine, the misaligned segments, how the misalignment impacts the entire spine, and which segments to adjust.

We acknowledge her expertise and relentless effort with emergency care and trauma patients. However, with all that amount of stress she sustained on her vertebral discs, repetitive twisting of her spine, and heavy swift movements could lead to vertebral subluxations. Dr. Kametz found her specific vertebral subluxation with the Gonstead five step analysis. He adjusted her L5 and C7 twice a week initially and within 1 month, she reported all symptoms of sciatica pain and brain fog improved by over 80 percent. The solution to vertebral subluxation is Gonstead specific adjustments. This ER Nurse now has faith and trust in the Gonstead Chiropractic system.

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