E-Reports At Gohl Clinic


Chiropractic’s approach to health is vastly different to anything medical. These detailed reports explain exactly how people who go to chiropractors with certain conditions get well. All reports are extensively sited from top medical literature for you to further research. You may request any report you choose by contacting the office. The reports may be freely distributed to your friends and family.

Once you’ve gone over the report of your choice, you may call the office and schedule a no-charge, no-commitment consultation.

Slow Aging Now

Antibiotics Timebomb

Asthma/Allergies – Learn exactly how Dr. Kametz healed from asthma at age 28.

Dangers of Aspirin

Fibromyalgia Healing

Osteoporosis Prevention

Chronic Inflammation Healing

Genetic Expression and Chiropractic

Diabetes and Chiropractic

Children’s Headaches and Chiropractic

Children’s Immunity and Chiropractic

Subluxation Research

Athletic Performance

Occupational Health

Children’s Health


Immunity Boost from Chiropractic

Thyroid, also see Hormone Balance and Chiropractic

Immunity from Within – Vaccination

Medication and Side-Effects

Cervical Curve and Chiropractic

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