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Distance Runner & Hip Pain Before & After Xrays Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego

42 year old male presents with right side hip and groin pain.  History of left side sciatica.

Patient is a competitive distance runner and has had to decrease his training volume to 2-3x a week, which is impacting his running goals.  Distance running is damaging to the joints so it is necessary to care for the body to allow longevity.  He has wisely been using soft tissue therapists consistently over the past few years.  However, he also has a chiropractic condition called a subluxation that was associated with his issues.  Subluxation is associated with muscle imbalance which will affect feet, knees, and hips.  Regularly, this is associated with foot and heel pain, achilles issues, runners knee, and IT band syndrome.  We started correcting the subluxation and he claimed nearly significant improvement by the post xray.  He stated his hip pain was “much better,” a 1 out of 10 and only when running very long distances.  Before and after xrays are shown below.

xray carlsbad chiropractor

His major problem was subluxation at the 5th lumbar.  Before and after correction shows a 20% decrease in posteriority (an indirect measure of herniation), and disc space at L5 increased by 66%.  Changes in weight bearing along the plumb line were also noted.

lat pre post

Cervical spine changes below.  From 25 millimeters posterior to the plumb line to 10 mm.  60% change.

cervical pre post

CrossFitters and distance runners put a tremendous amount of stress on the body.  Eventually regardless of form, the body may break down.  It is essential for longevity in any sport that physically one maintains the body.  Chiropractic can be an integral part of prevention and longevity.  Maintenance over the years can allow him to have a longer career.

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