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Disc Injury- Gonstead Concept

Michael came in with low back, neck pain, heart palpitations, and ankle pain. He reported most of his symptoms went away within 2 visits. Improvements of all symptoms by 90 percent after 10 visits. Gonstead Chiropractors alleviate the nerve pressure and restore the nerve function; so the body may heal from any organ or musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Michael had ankle issues and vertebral subluxation of his spine. Initially, we do not adjust the extremities. This is because every spinal nerve innervates and sends out nerve impulses to every organ and muscle in the body including the legs and ankles. For instance, L5 vertebral subluxation is responsible for the sciatic nerve, tibial nerve, and femoral nerve that goes downwards to the foot. When the nerve is pinched, the nerve function (motor control, biomechanics, mechanism, proper individual range of motion, and sensation) is impaired. We alleviate the nerve pressure by providing a specific Gonstead adjustment; so the entire leg and ankle has a chance to heal at the highest potential.
Biomechanics similarities of the ankle joints and the vertebral body discs:
Most vertebral subluxation is “micro/ macro” tears of the vertebral body discs from internal or external traumas. Most sprains or strains of the ankle are due to hyper flexion or extension of the ankle joint from internal (self-caused) or external traumas (blunt/ contusion trauma from outside force). That said, whenever an ankle goes past an individual range of motion either from internal or external trauma, that could lead to an inversion or eversion sprain. Similar with the spine, whenever the spine is twisted or turned with sudden change of direction or outside trauma, the vertebral segments can shift back. This can cause vertebral subluxation throughout the entire spine.

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Gonstead Chiropractors discuss how the healing process of a damaged disc can be similar to the healing process of a sprained ankle.

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