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Female in 30s with complaints of low back pain, neck pain, knee, and foot pain visits her local Gonstead chiropractor.  She had done a lot of research and was convinced she needed to see a Gonstead chiropractor specializing in the Gonstead technique.

This case is unique because there is an apparent partial fusion of the left transverse process of L5 to the sacrum.  This is called sacralization.  It is considered a “normal variant.”  A congenital fusion is not necessarily good or bad, but it increases the number of variables.

Below is an example of a partially fused transverse process on the left to the sacrum, similar to this case.

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Using instrumentation, we locate the subluxation.  Static palpation confirms inflammation due to damaged discs. Muscle spasm comes as a result of nerve interference.  Anytime there is nerve interference, muscles will spasm, some not as evident as the case below.  X-rays also confirm misalignment.

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A subluxation is a condition where a spinal bone shifts out of position and interferes with the integrity of the nervous system.  Since the nervous system controls all function, a subluxation can have a negative effect on the entire body and brain.

Not only are pain symptoms changing, patient reports other symptoms changing as well including: back pain, knee/foot pain, range of motion, digestion, sleeping, ENT, mental state . . . and more.

This is a Gonstead chiropractic adjustment used to reduce nerve interference to the body and brain, allowing normal function to take place.  Gonstead chiropractic is a very specific, precise and effective chiropractic technique that only a small percentage of chiropractors are trained to do. Are you experiencing these symptoms and have found no relief?  Call your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor in Carlsbad today at 760-729-8802 to schedule an appointment.


Partial or complete sacralization/lumbarization is common.  The only difference with these patients is that they may take a bit longer to stabilize, since “normal” biomechanical laws may not completely apply.  Using your specific Gonstead criteria, you find the subluxation and fix it the same way.  Many times these partial fusions may cause nerve interference because of the way they tend to move.  These segments are perfectly fine to adjust.  In this case, L5 is major.

Everything Dr. Kametz ever learned about adjusting is from working side by side for 8 years with the legendary Gonstead Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Gohl.  You can find his products at www.gohlchiropractic.com.  The site is run by his daughter, Diane, who put together all his material in a teachable fashion.  His work represents the definitive work on Gonstead chiropractic and it’s essential for everyone to know, especially those interested in the Gonstead system.

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No exercises, stretching, or traction is used on any patient. Only specific Gonstead Carlsbad chiropractic adjustments.

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This is an example adjustment performed on a patient.  Note: Patient in this video is not the patient in this case study.

For more information, please contact your San Diego Gonstead chiropractor, your spinal specialist in Carlsbad.

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