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Gonstead Chiropractic and The Body Healing Itself

Most people come to their chiropractor because they’re suffering from chronic neck pain, or back pain, or headaches.  What clients may not know is that chiropractors do not treat pain.  Medicine treats pain and is quite good at that.  Some of it is illogical.  If your prostate isn’t working, medicate it to shrink it.  If that doesn’t work, cut it out.  If your back hurts, take some narcotics and if that doesn’t work, try low back or neck surgery.  Only those with strong stomachs should watch those previous links.  Btw, this guy seems very, very skilled at surgery. Medicine treats pain and disease and does it well.

If your thyroid gland is producing too little thyroxin and you’re diagnosed as “hypo-thyroid,” medicine can alter the chemicals imbalance and synthetically add thyroxin. Medicine treats effects, not cause.  Medicine treats the end product of your body malfunctioning, not the malfunction itself.  But treating effects has its limitations, namely, you need to be in pain or show symptoms to be able to treat it.  This is akin to covering up your fuel gauge (drugs) or cutting it out (surgery).  You only know when you’re out of gas when the car stops (effect). A more logical approach is to deal with the malfunction when it happens, at its source.  Chiropractors can’t heal the pain or the disease.  The only thing that can heal is the living body itself.  Every effect has its cause, and the cause of pain or disease is the malfunctioning body.   Ask yourself, would a body functioning perfectly have a disease or pain?  Instead it might be a better idea to take care of the body for a lifetime.  And there are many aspects here, good nutrition, exercise, sound mental and spiritual attitude, ample rest, etc.  But the most often overlooked is the body’s lifeline, the nervous system. A.D. Speransky a medical in the in the 1920s and 1930s, who knew nothing of chiropractic as far as I know, proved that the lifeline to the body is the nervous system.  He created every symptom known to man on dogs, by chemically and mechanically altering nerve function.  He made a dog blind by irritating the sciatic nerve.  He created liver disease, cancer, etc. just by irritating spinal nerves.  This was the cause.  And this is what chiropractors have said since 1895.  A subuxation is a misalignment of a bone that creates pressure on the nervous system, and interferes with cellular communication from the brain.  This is the cause of malfunction, since everything mechanically, chemically, and emotionally, is processed by the nervous system.  When this happens, the body performs chaotically.

The only thing that can correct this malfunction is for the brain to regain control over the 70 trillion cells in the body.  This comes from a nervous system with no interference.  And this is what your chiropractor does.  I give an adjustment to release pressure from the nervous system, thereby allowing that pinched nerve to function more fully.  At this point, the body can heal and work normally.  Normal means no malfunction, no pain, etc.   So did chiropractic heal the pain or disease?  No.  Your own body is the only thing that can do that.  And that is the goal of chiropractic, to correct subluxations so the body can function normally.  When that happens, you can come back to life naturally. Chiropractic is something like good nutrition.  Everyone should have it for a lifetime.  Chiropractic is as simple as that! Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

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