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How Chiropractic Works in 3 min [Gonstead Chiropractor San Diego]

Chiropractic is based on universal law.  Life flow from the brainstem, down thru the spinal cord, thru the spinal nerves, to every organ in the body and brings life giving nerve impulses to them.  If you damage the brainstem in any way, life ceases to exist.  If you cut the nerve to the lungs, the lungs won’t work.

When the body cannot adapt to a physical stress, that may create a condition known as a subluxation.  Only 6% of the function of nerves is pain, and the other 94% is running the body.

When you have a subluxation, that can restrict a nerve impulse to an organ.  When a cell gets a restricted nerve impulse, it can malfunction.  If one cell malfunctions, the organ can continue to function normally.  But when thousands, and tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of cells malfunction, now you can have a symptom.  If that goes on long enough then you can have a diagnosed pathology, which is a medical condition.

For example, if that is an ovary cell, it is supposed to make progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen.  If you have a subluxation, that cell may not make the right amount of those hormones.  If enough cells are malfunctioning, now you can have a symptom.  Some symptoms can be heavy menses, painful menses, irregular menses, cramping, infertility.

Chiropractic gives adjustments to subluxated vertebrae.  An adjustment is physical force to push the vertebrae into a more proper position, thereby decreasing pressure on the nerve and allowing normal nerve impulse to each organ.  So not only does the pain subside, the organ can start to function more normally.  In the example above, that could mean normal menses and fertility.

Chiropractic is as simple as that.  For more information please check our Carlsbad chiropractor website or subscribe to our YouTube channel.