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Basketball Coach reports relief from constant nerve pain with Gonstead Chiropractic Treatments


After years of intensive basketball training, Rob experienced a series of health concerns. After dealing with bulging discs and back pain, he found concentrating, working, sleeping and even driving to be a challenge. Rob researched the Gonstead Chiropractic technique and knew it was the right fit for him. During his first visit, our clinic performed a thorough physical spinal exam, took a set of full spine xrays, performed an analysis of his xrays, and went over detailed findings with him. At the Gohl Clinic, we analyze and address all areas of the entire spine, not only ‘where it hurts’ but all other areas of misalignment or nerve interference.
In just a few visits, Rob reports he is back to his workouts and is no longer feeling post-game soreness or pain! As long as you do not have subluxations (“a pinched nerve”), your body should function exactly the way it needs to, which is painless and perfectly as you were created. You are never “too young” to go to a Gonstead Chiropractor!

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