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Amazing Before & After X-Ray for Severe Migraine Case [Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego]

This was the case of a 34 year old female with severe migraines.  Migraines were so severe she would lock herself in a dark room each time they occurred.

Chief Complaint:  Migraines, Radiating Neck pain, Low back pain

Quality:  Throbbing, Achy

Meds:  Zomig for migraines.

At Interim Exam, one month later.  Headaches and low back are “not nearly as bad”.  Sitting is “much better.”  Migraines went from 2-3/mo to 0/mo.  Patient feels she’s also “standing straighter.”

All befores are on the left.  All the afters are on the right.

Why do before and after xrays matter?  Structure and function are interrelated.  If her xray would’ve been more “normal” for her, her body could function much better, and she might not have experienced these symptoms.  In the Gonstead system of analysis, lateral xrays carry more weight than front to back xrays.



Below are before and after cervical xrays.  Correction of subluxation at C7 allowed more normal muscle contraction allowing more normal cervical curve.  Only adjusting used.  No traction, nor in office/home stretching or exercises ever used.  Dens of C2 moved from 58 mm posterior to 18 mm posterior from the plumb line.  Note:  in the most optimal position (without subluxation), the plumb line from L5 should bisect C7 and the dens at C2.

latc1carlsbad chiropractor


Below are before and after lumbar.  See L5, from 3 to 2 mm posteriority at L5, increase in disc height from 5 to 7 mm, decrease in disc wedge from 21 to 17 degrees.

chiropractor carlsbadcarlsbad chiropractor


Below is the before and after thoracic xray.  From 98 mm posterior to 61 mm posterior.


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