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Amazing Before & After X-Ray Changes in 5 Weeks for Herniated Lumbar Disc [Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego]

48 Yr Old Male complains of hip pain for three years.  Worse sitting, taking Advil for relief.  Previously left side sciatica.  Difficulty sitting, getting in a car, affecting ability to exercise.


At an interim evaluation, the patient claims “significant improvement” and “feels 95% better with almost no restriction of activities.”


Significant change in x-ray.  Before x-ray taken July 14.  After x-ray Aug. 22.

First x-ray taken on July 14 confirmed findings of chiropractic exam.  Subluxation at L4.  Observe analysis on x-ray

X-ray taken July 14 – Shows Subluxation at L4


  • A. That line represents the space at the disc between L5 and L4.  Shows significant pinching and only 2 millimeters of space.
  • B. That is the measurement of how far back L4 has moved on L5.  4mm herniation noted.
  • C. 20-degree Angle of wedging.  This is severe and should be single digits.
  • D. Plumbline is drawn straight up from L5 shows the tip of inferior anterior tip of L1 20 mm in front of the line.  This line is just for comparison between pre and post.

X-ray August 22 – Five Weeks Later


  • A. Space between L5 and L4 increased 2mm.  100% increase in space.
  • B. 4mm herniation went to 2mm herniation.  50% decrease.
  • C. 20-degree wedging down nearly 50% to 11 degrees.
  • D. Plumbline shows increased lumbar lordosis.  Change in measurement from 20 to 30mm.
Pre X-ray Shows Subluxation at L4
Pre X-ray Shows Subluxation at L4
Post X-Ray Shows Significant Improvement
Post X-Ray Shows Significant Improvement