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After physical therapy didn’t work, patient reports 90% improvement after 2 Gonstead Adjustments

21-year-old 6’3 basketball player and athlete underwent physical therapy for over a year for low back pain.
After still experiencing high levels of pain and poor mobility, Christian sought Gonstead Chiropractic treatment as an alternative to physical therapy. Physical therapy, although good for some things, is not very effective for treating disc injuries, as these are not typically soft tissue issues.

During his initial evaluation and use of instrumentation, Dr. Kametz found nerve pressure in his lower lumbar, mid thoracic, and lower cervical. After taking a full spinal x-ray, subluxation or misalignment of the vertebrae was confirmed in several areas of his spine.

Dr.Kametz thoroughly analyzed the patient’s entire spine and pelvis to determine the specific areas that needed to be adjusted in order to correct the misalignment.

After only two visits with Dr. Kametz, the patient reported his pain level to be a 1 out of 10 in the low back (starting point was 10 out of 10)! This is tremendous improvement in such a short period of time.
What does this mean? Why does this matter?
The patient’s significant and speedy recovery confirmed that the patient experienced spinal nerve damage. It was not a muscle or soft tissue issue. Physical therapy treats injuries with the muscle. However, if there is not an injury to that muscle, ongoing therapy will do little to nothing to improve the patient’s discomfort or ever resolve the issue.

Nerves control the muscles. When you have a pinched nerve anywhere in the spine, it can cause malfunction, pain, and many other symptoms.

The patient did not need to do low back stretching . If the problem was a “stretched disc”, stretching it more will only lead to more prolonged pain. Like a sprained ankle, you would not stretch it right away to try to make it feel better. It must rest, repair, and recover before any stretching can be done.
With the Gonstead Chiropractic system, there is absolutely no stretching, twisting or rotation of the disc or spine at any time. It is a simple lift and gentle force forward of the vertebrae to correct the misalignment.

Other practitioners could be proficient in extremities and superficial musculoskeletal issues, but when it comes to the spine, a qualified Gonstead Chiropractor would be most effective. Dr. Kametz was able to locate the root cause of Christian’s spine and disc issues and adjust him accordingly to correct the problem. After only 2 visits, Christian is pain free after other therapies did not work.

Experience the Gonstead Chiropractic difference today.

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Gonstead Chiropractor and Gonstead Preceptor discuss how the healing process of a damaged disc can be similar to the healing process of a sprained ankle.

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