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8 Least Damaging Leg Work for Strength [Gonstead Chiropractor San Diego]

Any physical activity no matter what it is, including sitting, over time will damage the discs of the spine, and therefore the nerves, and ultimately the bones.  We see people in their 20s developing degenerative disc conditions causing arthritic buildup.  So unless you’re a professional athlete, heavy deadlifts and squats, no matter how good your form, will damage your body. 

Flexion, compression, and rotation of the discs is extremely damaging to the nervous system which is why you should be checked by your chiropractor.  If you are looking for health, strength, and stability, give these exercises a try.  Start light until your balance catches up to your strength.  My personal favorite is the Bulgarian Split Squat.  I would advise skipping number 6 and 7 since the tendency for flexion is much greater.


Link: T Nation | 10 Best Unilateral Exercises via www.t-nation.com

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