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25-year-old male reports discontinued use of all medications after Gonstead Chiropractic Treatment

25-year-old male comes into the office with lower back pain as the chief complaint. At the initial examination patient presentedwith nerve pressure in the lower lumbar. Dr. Kametz followed with a series of questions about body functions outside of just back pain. Patient then reported to have weakness in the legs, sudden shortness of breath, but most importantly he suffered with on going anxiety and depression. These issues and symptoms were impacting the quality of his life by interfering with day-to-day activities like going to school and even driving.

The general population thinks chiropractic is good for back pain, neck pain, and headaches; but did you know that many patients report improvement in anxiety and depression? 

After only four weeks of care, patient reported to be completely off all pharmaceutical medications! He no longer felt the need or urge to put something inside his body to “feel better.”  Simply by REMOVING the interference in his spine with a specific Gonstead Adjustment his brain was able to properly communicate with the rest of his body taking him out of the constant state of “FIGHT or FLIGHT.”

The low back nerves innervate the intestines where the majority of serotonin production is located, which is your mood hormone.  Subluxation is a condition in which the vertebrae shift backwards stretching and damaging the disc and interfering with the nerve impulse.  It’s almost like a static on your radio station. You can still hear the music; however, the quality is poor.  Same thing for your nerves. When you have nerve pressure in the spine you restrict “the flow” of your communicational pathways.  This causes all sorts of misfires throughout the body.

Once you think you have tried everything, try Gonstead Chiropractic care for your health concerns.

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