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22 year old gets relief with Gonstead Chiropractic for Back Pain and Mobility Issues


22 year old front desk manager came in seeking help for back pain and mobility issues. At her initial consultation, she reported difficulty with basic things like driving and sleeping. However, her biggest concern was not being able to exercise properly. During the physical exam, Dr. Kametz found nerve pressure in her upper neck, middle back, and sacrum. Full-Spine X-RAYS are always taken to confirm the subluxation. After reviewing the findings, a specific and gentle Gonstead Adjustment was given WITHOUT any kind of twisting or rotation of the spine.

By her interim exam, April reported significant improvement in symptoms (not just pain) and later went on to report 90% by her final exam! She had remarkable changes.  When pressure is removed from the spine, your body can now heal at its optimal level without any nerve interferences. By reducing nerve pressure, the cells of the body can regenerate with less interference.  Healing occurs when your body reproduces cells that function normally.  Being checked consistently is also key to healing. With specific Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustments, optimal health is closer.

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