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22 year old male reports NO MORE COMPLEX MIGRAINES with Gonstead Chiropractic Care


While women are far more likely to experience migraines due to hormonal imbalances, men can experience them too. Men are also far less likely to report their conditions or even seek care. People who suffer from frequent migraines are more likely to have other health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

When George first came into our Gonstead Chiropractic clinic, he reported missing school AND work regularly due to severe monthly “episodes”.  With migraines, there are many triggers that are known. Some of these are hormonal changes, stress, diet, and activity levels.

But what about a nerve issue? What if there is a physical blockage to the cervical nerves causing symptoms of migraines?

In the Gonstead Chiropractic system, you can see why complete full spine X-RAYS are one of the analysis criteria.

When you remove the interference with a specific and gentle Gonstead adjustment, you can now allow the body to function more normally.

The role of the nervous system is underrated. You cannot move your muscles without a nerve impulse. You cannot have organ function without a nerve impulse. The body WILL NOT function without a nerve impulse.

When your muscles and organs begin to “act up” or function abnormally, Gonstead Chiropractic seeks the ROOT cause, not the manifesting symptom.  Drugs can cover the symptoms, but drugs may not heal the body.  In fact, more synthetic chemicals in the body can further cause damage.

Due to stories like these, more people are becoming aware of the Chiropractic philosophy and more people are seeking Gonstead Chiropractic Care FIRST, not last.

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