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Bodybuilder Getting Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustment in San Diego

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The Carlsbad chiropractor demonstrates gentle L5 adjustment on pelvic bench with Gonstead chiropractic in San Diego. Adjustment removes interference to the nervous system allowing fullest expression of life.

Thank you BigLou, owner of Metroflex OceansideOne Year Anniversary Party on Saturday Mar. 16.  This is a fantastic gym with a great culture for people who love to lift weights.  The original Metroflex in Texas is Ronnie Coleman’s home gym.

Nerves of the low back and sacrum not only innervate the sciatic nerve, but the sex organs, the rectum, colon, intestines.  When there is a spinal subluxation, which is a misalignment where the spinal bones interfere with the nerves instead of protect it, there will be an effect somewhere in the body given enough time.  Some are lucky enough to have pain so they know to address it.  But others only have organic symptoms.  This is a demonstration adjustment of a posterior L5.


Big Lou is massive.  He’s 6′ and about 240 in this video.  I’m 6′, 170 lbs.

The biggest difficulty with adjusting someone of this size is the ability to take out the slack.  His shoulders are massive, waist is skinny and it can present a problem stabilizing the pelvis.

Make sure to have patient close to the edge of the table.  You must lock the knee tightly when contacting L5.  Around second 9, I use my entire hand and arm to roll him into my knee.  While I’m doing that, I take out the slack on L5, not the entire spine.  At about second 13, he is locked into position.  Slack is out and I’m lying on his pelvis.  There is an audible as I’m taking out the slack.  Taking out the slack properly already is moving the bone from the posterior to the anterior.  This happens very frequently when you’re taking out the slack in the right line of drive.  Once locked in, I use my body weight to drop from the posterior to the anterior.  Note the line of drive is directly P to A.

The key in this adjustment, as in all adjustments, is to properly take out the slack.  If you can’t feel the slack, you will thrust into LOTS of muscle on people this size.  You could easily bounce off him and even hurt your shoulder.  Use your strength to take out the slack and once the slack is removed (sometimes with great difficulty as in this example), the thrust is merely incidental.

Everything I ever learned about adjusting is from my mentor Dr. Gohl.  You can find his products at www.gohlchiropractic.com.  The site is run by his daughter who put together all his material in a teachable fashion.  His work represents the definitive work on chiropractic and it’s essential for everyone to know, especially those interested in the Gonstead system.

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Dr. Joseph P. Kametz, DC
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