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Yesterday I met the manager at the Vitamin Shoppe in Encinitas, she’s great.  The rest of the staff is wonderful too.  This is consistent at every Vitamin Shoppe I’ve been in, and I’ve seen in a few over the years. I adjusted her and the staff then left to get adjusted by my mentor and legend Dr. Gohl in Los Angeles.  On the way there, I was thinking just how different nutrition and chiropractic are.  One is inside-out (chiropractic), the other is outside-in (nutrition). From a physiologic perspective, anything you ingest, from the outside-in, is either food or poison.  If you eat something your body can use, it’s food and used as raw material to build cells and chemicals.  If you eat something that your body can’t use, it’s poison and is excreted (hopefully, provided the body is functioning properly).  The fact is our soil is soooo depleted of minerals and nutritional value, our seas are so poisoned with mercury and other chemicals, supplementation is a good thing. As far as diet, this is the only advice I give.  Eat green, organic stuff.  As far as meats, eat organic stuff.  All poisonous pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics irritate the nervous system and must be processed by it.  So a poor, nutritionally deficient diet, or a diet littered with man-made poisons, will cause nerve irritation, now your chiropractor has to correct it. Most people are walking around subluxated today.  When the inborn wisdom of the body cannot flow freely thru the nervous system, function of the body can be disturbed.  This is logical, look at what happened to Christopher Reeves when his atlas, the top bone in the neck directly under the brain stem, moved the width of the pinkie finger. I see people come into my office all the time, taking lots of supplements and are still sick.  It’s not the fault of the supplements.  If you’re subluxated, your body may not properly use all good nutrition and supplements.  You just have expensive urine. I don’t counsel clients on their nutrition nor sell supplements.  There is no difference between the supplements that are sold by “doctors only” and the supplements you can buy at the Vitamin Shoppe.  That’s why I shop there. So what does the Vitamin Shoppe not sell?  The adjustment.  That’s what I do.  I correct subluxations.  When nerve pressure is released, the healing power of your body and own life force can flow from the brain, thru the spinal cord, out to each and every cell of the body.  Once the cells are able to function properly, then you can use and assimilate all that good nutrition and supplementation you put into your body.  You build strong, healthy cells.  Then you get to be all you can be.  It’s as simple as that. In my office, you get one thing.  Just the adjustment.  My goal is to remove the vertebral subluxation and let the intelligence of the body, transmitted thru the nervous system, go to work and rebuild you cell by cell, second by second, to balance your body chemistry, so you can live up to your potential, unencumbered by .  If you want to be healthy, make sure you pay attention to all aspects of health, like nutrition, exercise, spiritual wellness, and rest.   And don’t neglect your lifeline, the nervous system.  Call your Gonstead Carlsbad chiropractor for more information.

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