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Severe Low Back Pain Case [Gonstead Chiropractic San Diego Carlsbad]

Severe low back pain

Client presents with severe low back pain and sciatica, complicated by neck pain, migraines, and indigestion on 10/12/2010.  Post-spinograph and scan were taken on 11/11/2010.  Client presented with symptoms of severe headaches, neck pain, indigestion/heartburn, and severe low back pain and sciatica.  Most symptoms cleared up including the headaches, neck pain, and low back pain.  Digestion improved after only one month.

Note:  Disk herniation at L5 decreased 50% in one month.

Autonomic Nervous System Scan

Pre Scan on 10/12/10 reveals severe nerve pressure in the neck, moderate pressure in the mid back, and moderate pressure in the low back.  Post Scan one month later reveals significant reduction in nerve pressure.

Severe Low Back Pain Diagram
— 10/12/10 – ANS Scan – Before —
Severe Low Back Pain Diagram 2
— 10/12/10 – ANS Scan – After–


Spinograph Analysis

There was a significant decrease in the neuroforaminal encroachment from 6 millimeters to 3 millimeters.  The nerve at L5 innervates the sex organs, prostate, and colon, and forms the sciatic nerve.  The interverbral foramen (hole where the nerve passes thru) was 3 millimeters smaller on the pre.  Giving an extra 3 millimeters has significantly reduced pressure on this area, freeing the client of most pain and increasing organ function to that area.  This means the disk herniation at L5 decreased by 3 millimeters, that’s 50% in only one month. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

For Educational Purposes Only
No exercises, stretching, or traction was used on patient. Only specific Gonstead chiropractic adjustments were performed by the San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

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Severe Low Back Pain X-ray
— 10/12/10 – X-Ray – Before —

Severe Low Back Pain X-ray
— 11/11/10 – X-Ray – After —