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0005-How to Get Rid of Pain at San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor

The Carlsbad chiropractor explains how rid of pain with Gonstead chiropractic in San Diego?

I want to address the biggest reason why people go to a chiropractor and that’s pain.  Pain in most cases is the body’s attempt to get you to listen.  Many people will be squatting and hurt themselves and because they are in pain, they will change their course of action.

Many people not in tune with their bodies may get the same pain squatting and just ignore it and go thru the pain.  Completely ignoring their body’s messaging system.

So pain is physiologic.  Let’s say you’re cooking and you accidentally touch a hot stove.  The pain sensors register and the withdraw reflex is stimulated so you remove you hand from the stove very quickly.  All for protection.  If you have a very high pain tolerance, you can keep your hand on the stove but what happens to the hand?  Severe damage.

If you’re doing things not good for you, sometimes the only reason you change is due to physical pain.

Many people come into the office and want to get rid of pain.  What they don’t realize is that they’re saying they want to get rid of this messaging system.  And that’s what medicine does.  Medicine covers up this messaging system.  With medication.  It dulls it out.

So if pain is the body’s way of trying to protect you from further damage, medicine interferes with that process, so you feel great while you do further damage.  Get that: in all cases besides first aid, medicine interferes with the body’s ability to comprehend pain so you feel great while you do further damage.

See your brain stem controls life in your body and what medicine does is block the signal going to the brain so you can’t feel the pain.  Imagine being a runner and instead of letting your sprained ankle heal, you take a bunch of Advil before you run a marathon.  You feel great while you’re running, all the while your tearing more ligament, creating further instability, continuing the arthritis process,

Many people come to a chiropractor because they want us to relieve the pain.  But that is not what chiropractors do. We correct cause, not treat effects.  So if I correct the cause of your pain, your body no longer has a need to warn you of injury, because the injury is healed.

Now you can go out and lift, run, whatever you choose.

There is a big difference here in treating the effects of injury with drugs versus correcting the cause with the chiropractic adjustment.  If you’re looking to get out of pain the MDs got every pill to do that for you.  And you will feel better quickly.

Here’s an analogy.  Imagine it’s 3 am and your sound asleep and all of the sudden, the fire alarm goes off.  Two options here.  1) find the fire and put it out before it destroys your house.  2) be annoyed by the sound of the alarm for waking up your sleep.  Throw in some ear plugs to block out the noise and go back to sleep.  What logical person would do the second option?  Or worse yet, just cut the wire to the fire alarm.

Pain is there for a reason, a messaging service from Innate to make you take action.  Blocking that out with drugs creates an environment for further damage.  When you go to your chiropractor, understand his goal is to correct the cause, not block out the pain. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.


Great case, patient 29 years old diagnosed medically with psoriatic arthritis at age 19, this is part of the rheumatoid type of arthritis’.  The symptoms associated with PA can be very painful, it tends to create lots of inflammation in the fingers and toes.  She’s a really bright girl and for the past 10 years she’s refused medication because had she been taking the pills for rheumatoid conditions, she would be a mess.  Initially she would feel better because the pills are designed to block inflammation which is necessary for healing, but eventually there would be more damage because she couldn’t feel the pain.  The drugs would damage her immune system and most people that have been taking these RA drugs have bodies completely destroyed and are always sick.  I know this, I suffered from asthma which is a automimmune disease and I was stupid and I took all the drugs I could.  So wisesly she refused tx.

For the last 4 years she has been unable to bend her toes.  About two weeks ago she walked into the office ecstatic because she was now able to bend her toes.  In chiropractic we don’t treat effects, we address cause.  The cause is an interference to the transmission of life nerve impulses over the spinal nerves and once that is reduced, healing can happen.  These things that seem so small to us, are huge to some individuals.

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Instead of trying to block out the effects of pain which just ultimately damages your body further, go see a chiropractor to see if subluxation is the cause, interference to the nerves.  If so, get adjusted and you can correct cause instead of cutting the wire to the fire alarm of pain.

You want a better expression of life?  Stop taking “scientific” pills and go visit your Carlsbad chiropractor.

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