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The Carlsbad chiropractor tackles world views and how they shape the application of the same knowledge.  This is how the Gonstead chiropractic in San Diego uses the laws.

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I would like to discuss viewpoints today.  Take 2 scientists.  One an atheist who believes in evolution.  One who believes in creation.  Both are examining the grand canyon.  Both scientists see this massive crater, thousands of layers of rock upon rock, fossils, all types of incredible geologic structures.  The atheist says this was created over billions of years with a river trickling over and over and through erosion we have the grand canyon.  The creationist looking at the same thing sees wow, one massive flood created this structure 6000 years ago.

Two people looking at the same evidence come up with completely different conclusions even though they see the same thing.  Why?  Simple.  One believes that the universe was created billions of years ago.  One believes God created the universe 6000 years ago.  If you believe the earth was created billions of years ago, then a slow trickle could create the Grand Canyon.  If you believe in God and you would have to believe the earth was created 6000 years ago and it could’ve only been a massive flood.

So your viewpoint is going to shape your action.


Let’s take chiropractic and allopathic medicine.  Allopathic medicine is what your medical doctor does and other alternative medicine practitioners that use drugs and natural supplements to treat and suppress symptoms.  Obviously the biggest group here is the medical profession.

In school, both chiropractors and medical doctors study the same books.  Grant’s anatomy.  Guyton’s physiology.  We learn the same subjects.  We go thru the same human dissection classes.  In fact our professor taught at a medical college before he came to teach us.

So how can 2 people learning the same material, go into practice and use the same information, the same knowledge of anatomy and physiology, go trying to help people get better, and do it completely differently?

There is no principle in medicine.  The goal of the medical doctor is to try and find what part isn’t working, and either give it a drug to block it from over working, or to stimulate it from under working.  And if that doesn’t change the part, the other thing is to cut it out.  Medicine fundamentally operates with no principle.  The goal of medicine is to change your symptom.  Too much pain, dull it.  Diarrhea, give him a pill to constipate him.  You have a tumor, cut it out.

If your arm hurts and you cut if off, your arm doesn’t hurt anymore.  If you have a gall bladder causing pain, you just cut it out.  If your tonsils are inflamed, just cut them out.  I got my tonsils cut out and I never had inflamed tonsils again!  That was before I knew what chiropractic was.

Chiropractors believe in an innate intelligence in the body.  The inborn wisdom of the body that runs the show without you consciously thinking about it, from the moment of conception to death.  And since your body is intelligent, you have to believe that whatever symptom the body develops is intelligent or its not functioning properly. Fever is for heating the body to fight infection.  Diarrhea is to expel poison fast.  Cancer cells allow the organs to function at a lower level because of lifestyle choices, like adapting to the artificial flavorings and colorings.

Instead of guessing how much drugs to use, or which organ to cut out, chiropractors know thru anatomy and physiology that the nerves carry life giving nerve impulses.  Life doesn’t flow over the blood.  It’s the nerves that transmit life.  And if that transmission is interfered with in any way, the life of that organism will not be expressed to its potential.  So chiropractors correct the interference to the flow of life, by using again anatomy, the spinal column, to get the pressure off the nerves with an adjustment.  Then life can flow normally thru the nerves so the body can start expressing life better.  So when you go into your chiropractors office and you think you’re seeing miracles from all the ailments that individuals recover from when under chiropractic care, now you know it’s not the chiropractor curing the individual, it’s that persons’ innate intelligence flowing over the nerves via nerve impulse to run the body is not being interfered with.   And that allows for a better expression of life.

So here are two professions, just wanting to help people get well.  One suppresses symptoms with drugs or cutting out organs.  The other is concerned with removing interference to normal function.  One believes life is intelligent, the other believes that the body even tho it was created without the help of man, that it needs mans educated experience to make it function better.  Same books, different philosophy.

You need to figure where you stand.  Either on the side that life is intelligent and needs no help just no interference. Or you believe that the body is not intelligent as man and it needs man’s intervention.  Choose wisely because there will be a consequence. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.


FF in his 40s struggling with severe low back pain said after his 2nd adjustment it’s the best he’s felt in 10 months since his problem began.

Young woman I don’t even know if she’s 30 yet came in with severe NP going on for mos.  After maybe 4-5 adjustments, not only did she say her pain level went from a 9 to a 4, BUT here’s the big.  She’s not over weight  at all but she lost 5 lbs in the past week.  The subluxation affected the thyroid and the sex organs so I don’t know for sure but I think it’s either her thyroid working to improve her metabolism or her sex hormones were balancing and her testosterone levels are normalizing.

And yesterday I posted a video of Yolanda speaking of her 7 year old daughter with chronic ear infections. Listen to her one minute testimony of what happened after one adjustment.  That’s the power of life that chiropractic brings to people.

You want a better expression of life?  Stop taking “scientific” pills and go visit your Carlsbad chiropractor.

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