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0003-Back to School Infections & 60 to 0 in Two Months at Carlsbad Gonstead Chiropractor

Dr. Joseph P. Kametz, DC, the Carlsbad in chiropractor who practices Gonstead chiropractic discusses how schools create infections and how to beat them.  Also, how child went from over 60 absences over the last schoo year to less than 5 this year.  Address the individual, not the environment.

We’re coming up on the beginning of school and the germ theory gets reinforced over and over in the schools.  In CA can no longer have a personal belief exemption not to vaccinate your child.  All over schools we find antibacterial soap and mists.

It’s not the other children that are a breeding ground for infections in a school, it’s really the atmosphere created by the government administrators that has caused this.  And if you don’t believe me where do you find the strongest bacterial and viral strains?  In the hospital of course.

If we take 10 kids and put them in a room with one sick kid where they all had contact with him, would they all get sick?  Of course not.  Now weren’t they all breathing the same air?  If they were breathing the same air, and that air all contained viruses and bacteria, how come not every kid was sick?  So it can’t be the bacteria and the germs.  It has to be another factor.

The only other factor is the individual.  Some children have a stronger immune system and are able to better fight off infection, some won’t even develop an infection, while some will get every infection that comes along.

So instead of trying to control the environment with vaccines and antibacterial elements, why not work on the internal resistance of the individual.  Your own resistance determines if you’ll develop symptoms or your body will fight it off.

So how do you improve your own resistance?  How do you improve nature?  You can’t.  You just need to get out of the way.  If you take antibiotics, to kill off infection, what does that do to your immune system?  Make it stronger or weaker?  See you can’t outsmart natural law.

If I’m weightlifting and I’m bench pressing 100 pounds and I can do it for 10 reps, and at the 9th rep my partner comes in  snaps the weight off my chest, without even giving me a chance to do the 11th rep, does my body have any reason to get stronger?

This natural law is like that in everything.  Napoleon Hill says you succeed only in the same proportion that you fail.  This is a natural law.

What about vaccines?  Vaccines take all the credit for stopping infectious disease.  The innate intelligence of the body and plumbers deserve all the credit for the decrease in infectious disease.  Sewers were developed so sanitation improved so there was no breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.  Long before any vaccines were developed people that had strong immune systems were able to survive plagues.

By polluting the environment with vaccines and antibiotics, medical practice has created a breeding ground to allow superbugs to survive and pass along their resistance to other generations.  Remember B V also have an innate intelligence that allows them to adapt.  And the only ones that live thru these antibiotic attacks are the ones that develop a resistance.  Or the virus that creates a different strand because viruses adapt too.

Only the body’s own internal resistance determines if you develop infections, not the environment.  How do you improve the body’s resistance?  Since you can’t improve nature, you just need to get out of the way.  This is chiropractic’s sole mission, remove interfence to the innate intelligence of the body.

Life is only transmitted through the nerves.  What is life?  Clearly it’s a spiritual thing; it’s abstract.  We know that LIFE knows how, why, when, where an organ is supposed to function with infinite intelligence compared to the minute mind of educated men.  We know this life is transmitted over the nerves because if we cut a nerve or damage the brainstem, life leaves the organ or the body respectively.

If there is interference to that LIFE, it’s logical to deduce that the body won’t function as well.  Including the immune system.

If a bone is out of place, putting pressure on the nerve and causing interference to the flow of life, of innate intelligence, the body will not function up to its potential.  Chiropractors call that a subluxation. When you have enough cells not functioning up to their potential, you have a weak body.  Then a chiropractor comes along, and unblocks that interference with an adjustment, and restores life to that brain and body.  Now the cells have the potential for normal function, and the body can work better, simple as that.

You go to a chiropractor to help you body function at a better level, so that you can reach your innate potential.  You will never reach your potential by cutting out an organ or putting poisonous drugs in the body.

I had a little girl, maybe 11 or 12.  She was absent something ridiculous like 60 days the previous year before getting checked by a chiropractor.  It was really sad because her mom said she would go to school and then go on absence, that her friends would forget her when she came back in.  So it was a huge social issue for her.  She started getting adjusted in within roughly 2 months, she went on a perfect attendance streak. I think this year she was out under 5 days, and I think it’s more like 2 days.

The potential for function is so great when the body and brain are connected to Innate.  Instead of thinking in what disease you have and what to drug or cut out, start thinking in how to get to your potential.  Chiropractic is the only thing that offers this. Don’t wait for years before getting help and call us today to schedule a consultation with your San Diego Gonstead Chiropractor in Carlsbad.

PATIENT SUCCESS in Pediatric Chiropractic

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Young female with complaints of 3-4 migraines per week, among other things.  What can your life be like in a few months?

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